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Newly released national framework identifies obstacles to improving EMS systems

As part of nationwide efforts to improve emergency medical care, researchers at the Mount Sinai Health System, in collaboration with UC San

Sleep Disorders in Neuromuscular Diseases


  • Neuromuscular diseases exhibit a complex array of respiratory physiologic changes that typically progress over time.
  • These physiologic changes can promote significant respiratory abnormalities during sleep, leading to decreased quality of life,

Underdiagnosis of Asthma in Syrian Shelters in Conflict Zones—Highlighting the Need for a Healthcare Training Program

Underdiagnosis of asthma is an important issue for public health and also at individual level for asthma patients. The 2017 Global Initiative for Asthma used epidemiological surveys to compare the prevalence

The Bleeding Pneumonia — A Review of Diffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage


  • Diffuse alveolar hemorrhage (DAH), though rare, can be fatal and requires a high index of suspicion as frank hemoptysis may not be a presenting symptom.
  • Multilobar pneumonia can simulate DAH both

Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking and the Lungs — Short Notice


Waterpipe tobacco smoking (WTS) is increasingly popular among young people. Although perceived to be safer than cigarettes as smoke is filtered through water, narghile smoke is rich in carbon

Relevance and the Dissemination of Medical Literature in the Information Age

With each passing month, the volume of medical data and information seems to grow exponentially. Even with the most finely tuned and calibrated Twitter feeds, relevant journal feeds, emails and bookmarked