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New Surviving Sepsis Campaign guidelines: back to the art of medicine

Despite the gain in terms of hospital survival achieved in the last decades though the application of Surviving Sepsis Campaign (SSC) guidelines, the treatment of sepsis remains challenging for clinicians as

Reptin drives tumour progression and resistance to chemotherapy in nonsmall cell lung cancer


While targeted nonsmall cell lung cancer (NSCLC) therapies have improved the outcome of defined disease subtypes, prognosis for most patients remains poor. We found the AAA+ ATPase Reptin to be

Associations between dietary scores with asthma symptoms and asthma control in adults

  • Author contributions: R.M. Andrianasolo, S. Hercberg, P. Galan, E. Kesse-Guyot and R. Varraso designed and conducted the research; E. Kesse-Guyot, M. Adjibade, S. Hercberg, P. Galan and R. Varraso provided essential reagents or provided essential materials; R.M. Andrianasolo and R.